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Our designers imagine and constantly seek to figure out projects linking esthetic, functional and economical aspects.
They attempt to optimize a design taking into account your constraints and requirements.
Involved into research, modelling, interactive adjustment and re-design if needed, their target is to fulfill your expectations.


In Hong Kong, our office launches and looks after the whole processes of production inside the factories.


Our aspiration and commitment are to trade ethically throughout our business :
– Through our supply chain to enhance the environment, wherever and whenever it’s possible.
– Through our partners, we also choose for their similar ethical values. We are used to visiting them and spending time inspecting their factories, checking their manufacturing processes and meeting their work forces.
– We are also member of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).


Our shipments only leave after QC :
– All our productions are submitted to a series of controls automatically implemented along the process.
– Relevant quality features based on AS are checked during and/or after production.
– Safety and standards can also be validated by international laboratories on request.


All our deliveries are supervised and guaranteed by a network of reliable forwarders which we have been working with for a long time.
Orders can be dispatched worldwide within the best delays.


For the best efficiency, all departments of the company are supported by a fully computerized internal service which handles all the products, the orders, the queries and provides full technical information with total transparency and constant update.
The management of Bayart Innovations is based on a corporate strategy using creativity, communication, planning and information.

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